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As a result of the Closing Conference on November 15th and 16th in Parma, Italy, Lucrezia Le Moli of Teatro Due has produced a video summarising the key elements of the event. The Closing Conference was organised as part of the Parma Theatre Festival and benefited from wide public participation, with more than 300 people registering for the event. brought together a number of multilingual experts and talents, representing very diverse fields such as science and arts, culture and education, economy and politics, public institutions and spaces.

The conference programme contained four different panel discussions on the way multilingualism among other things influences integration in society, education, culture, theatre. The three round tables focused on multilingualism in civil society and public spaces with discussions around early language learning, lifelong learning and public institutions.

Prominent speakers, which included heads of cultural institutions and media organisations, EU representatives and scholars, took turns in highlighting the greatness of  Europe’s linguistic wealth and the opportunities that arise from it. Project Director, Uwe Mohr, emphasised several times how it really is worth studying one or more foreign languages: “Vale la pena di imparare, di studiare le lingue straniere”. Prof. Aleksandra Jovićević spoke in favour of ‘language imperfections’ as she declared that “the general doxa that you have to be perfectly fluent in a certain language… is wrong”. During one of the panel discussions polyglots like Richard Simcott, Alexander Rawlings and Luca Lampariello came together to promote the practical use of different languages as opposed to using a lingua franca.

On the second day, Prof. Paolo Leon drew a parallel between language and the financial world by associating it to the concept of micro-economy and declaring it a market good. The Consortium members reunited at the end of the conference to draw conclusions and give an overview of the work and research that had been done during the two years of project.

In order to paint a more vivid image of what multilingualism actually entails, a trilingual theatre performance was put together by Holger Schober, with actors from Fondazione Teatro Due Parma, z/k/m Zagreb and Deutsches Theater Berlin. The public had the chance to be part of the ‘play’ with the option to be seated on stage.

This short video condensates the eventful two days of this successful conference and aims to further demonstrate the important role multilingualism is playing and should be playing in Europe.

Finally, would like to give a heartfelt thank you to Teatro Due, its staff and Lara Ampollini of Lampi. Comunicazione illuminata for the excellent support in organising the Parma Closing Conference. A special thank you goes to Lucrezia Le Moli who filmed the conference and produced this video.

For more information on the conference read our Press Release, view the photos in our Media Gallery. You can find the programme on our Conference Registration Page. Download our Closing Conference Report and Evaluation.

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